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== Recent Tutorials ==
== Recent Tutorials ==
* How to [[Repair your credit]]
* How to [[Make fire text using photoshop]]
* How to [[Make fire text using photoshop]]
* How to [[Make ice text in photoshop]]
* How to [[Make ice text in photoshop]]

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OpenTutorial is a place where you can find Tutorials about everything by anyone, a huge "How to" repository, an Open Source, Wiki tutorial site in the style of Wikipedia

Featured Tutorial

How to Make fire text using photoshop

An easy to follow tutorial that that reveals true magic that lies within Adobe's Photoshop. You'll be amazed how easy it is to follow along and create very realistic fire.

There is also a video in this tutorial which as of this writing is doing rather well on Youtube.

Click image to enlarge

Setting the Stage

  • Select the default foreground and background colors by pressing the "D" key.
  • Fill the background with black by pressing Alt+Backspace

Place The Text

  • Select the text tool
  • set the font to Monotype Corsiva
  • set the size to 110pt
  • set the font color to white
  • Type OT on the image
  • Place the text slightly below center to allow for flame wisps


Recent Tutorials

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