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OpenTutorial Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is OpenTutorial?

OpenTutorial would like to be "The" repository of "How To" articles for everything under the sun and beyond. A Place where anyone can submit or edit a tutorial, resulting in a comprehensive repository of peer reviewed tutorials.

What is a Wiki?

Read the Wikipedia article Wiki

What is a Wikipedia?

Read the Wikipedia article Wikipedia

What is Wikitext markup language and how do I format my pages

Read the MetaWiki article Editing help

How do I create a page?

See Help:Create a page on OpenTutorial

How do I delete a page?

Add the page to OpenTutorial:Pages for Deletion. An OpenTutorial admin will delete it.

Is it ok for me to edit someone elese's tutorial?

Of course that's what it's all about, everybody sharing their knowledge and expertise making the site more and more comprehensive as it matures. Eventually OpenTutorial will have nothing but the best tutorials in the whole wide world! (www for short) :)

What does "Open" mean in OpenTutorial?

Open here is used mainly in the spirit of the Open Source community. All tutorials written here are open for anyone to edit and improve upon. In fact this is encouraged because the idea is that the more people with expertise contribute to an article the better and more authoritative that article will be.

How can I help OpenTutorial?

You can help OpenTutorial by promoting, contributing, donating, linking to OpenTutorial from your website and visiting our sponsors.

This is all to complicated is there an easier way?

Yes and no. If you have a tutorial that you have written and want posted on OpenTutorial but you don't want to go through the hassle of all this wiki formatting stuff. You can go to the Post my tutorial page and leave a short message about how to obtain the tutorial from you, volunteer will gladly assist you in posting it. Remember that you must be the creator of the tutorial or have permission to reproduce it to post it on OpenTutorial.

You may also post a tutorial request on the Wanted page and one of our brightest users will shurely race to complete your request.