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Add some spice to your headings by inserting an image into text using Photoshop This tecnique is also great for creating text with photographed textures. Imageintotext.jpg

Flash Tutorial


Open the Flash tutorial by itself media:imageintotext.swf


  • Open an image image that would look good inside your text into photoshop
  • Create a new Photoshop document by selecting From the File menu File/New...
    • Enter what ever size you like, for this tutorial I used 400 width and 100 height

Create your text

  • Select the Horizontal Type tool and choose what ever font you like
  • Type your text into your document, you may want to rezize it to fit your needs by using the Free Transform tool (Edit/Free Transform or CTRL+T)

Placing the image into the text

  • Copy the image to the clip board by clicking on the image window and from the menu choose Select/All or press CTRL+A
  • Click back on your text document then in the Layers palette hold down the CTRL key and click the text layer
  • Paste the image into the text by selecting Edit/Paste into from the menu or by pressing Shift+CTRL+V
  • Depending on the size of the image and the size of your text you may want to resize the image to fit your text do this by using the Free Transform tool (CTRL+T)

That's all there is to it

Stone texture

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