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How to Post Binaries to Usenet using PowerPost-A&A


A News hosting service

In order to post to Usenet you must have access to a Usenet server through a news hosting service or through your ISP. If your ISP provides access to the Usenet then you are in luck. Find out from your ISP how to connect to their Server, the information you will need are:

  • News server address (usually
  • Username and Password needed to connect (if any)

If your ISP does not provide Usenet access there are a few other options

Posting Software

There are many software options available for posting to Usenet. This tutorial will concentrate on using PowerPost-A&A

  • PowerPost-A&A
    • PowerPost-A&A is a freeware GPL Usnet Posting Program originally written by Chris Morse

Steps Involved

Configure PowerPost

Figures 1 and 2 - Setting the properties dialog boxes
  • On the main menu click View/Program Settings...
  • In the Properties Dialog box under then "News Server" tab (See fig 1 & 2)
    • Type the News server address (usually in the "NNTP News Server" box
    • Set your port if your news server uses a port other than 119
    • If your server requires a login then check the check box and enter your username and password into the text boxes provided
  • In the Properties Dialog box under "Headers" tab
    • Enter your nickname and email adresses on in this dialog box NOTE: do NOT enter anything that you don't want anyone to see. If you don't want everyone to have your email address then do not enter it here.

Add Files to Queue

Figure 3 - Add Files to the queue
  • On the main menu click File/Add Files to Queue... (see Figure 3)
  • Browse for the File(s) you would like to post
  • In the "Add File" Dialog under the "Subject" tab
    • Type the name of the Subject header in the text box pay close attention to the variables and the Example section. This is what people will see when they view your post in thier news readers.
  • In the "Add File" Dialog under the "Newsgroups" tab
    • Check the box of the newsgroup(s) you would like to post to. You may click the "Add Group..." button and type a name of a newsgroup not yet listed.
Figure 4
  • In the "Checksums" Dialog under the "Newsgroups" tab
    • Check the appropriate checksum boxes. I suggest par2 and nzb

Begin Posting

  • If you selected to generate par2 recovery files then you must encode them first. In the Main menu click File/Generate .par2 files...
  • To begin posting In the main menu click File/Start Posting!

A posting progress window will pop up to show you a bunch of info about your posting.

Posting Progress


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  • (ISBN 1559587458) "The Usenet Navigator Kit: Everything You Need to Travel Usenet Quickly and Efficiently/Book and Disk" by Steve Davis