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4.24.2009 Remove WMP 10 or 11 from the registry?

Hello BV, a newbie to this forum...Windows Media Player question... Is there a way to remove MediaPlayer 10 or 11 from the registry? I do not have the option of removing it from the/ with "Add-Remove" applet in the control panel. I open Windows updates and there is no reference to any media player... I tried to remove it from the add/remove Windows componets which says it's player 10 but the player said it was 11, anyway it did not remove... Actually I want to do is go back to player 9, if I'm going to use WMP for anything... Reason for all this is, lately I am having out of sync audio and video on any player, Zoom, VLC, GOM, MPC, etc, especially with the WMV file extension, some work better than others, some WMV files won't play on any... I did codec packs, K-lite or XP Codec Pack, they worked on other XPpro drives and things played fine, of course use only one or other codec pack... So, now I have a XPpro Ultimate and with that came Media Player whatever? and I don't know if somehow Windows Update snuck one by me that did not go well or what? I have automatic updates set to not auto download and install, I want to know what they're doing... Frustrated by Windows once again, suprizing? NOT! Regards, ernzan

Here is a link to a Microsoft knowledge base article describing how to remove windows media player 11. Hopefully it answers your registry and removal problems.
I totally share your frustrations with WMP, I pretty much never use it, I like Winamp v2.95 for my audio files and for video I use Media Player Classic with the FFDShow codecs. I can play 99.999% of any video I find.
In your post summary you stated "this forum sucks but not as bad as it's host" I'm sorry that you feel this way. If you have the time could you tell me what I could do to improve this site? I rarely get feedback so it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for using OpenTutorial. --Hapa 09:25, 28 April 2009 (MST)