Point a hughesnet broadband satellite dish

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This tutorial will explain how to point or re-peak A HughesNet broadband Internet dish. With a DW6000, DW7000, HN7000, or a HN700S modem. This tutorial assumes that you already have a HughesNet dish properly installed and a modem properly commissioned. This tutorial will be helpful in cases where the dish has been bumped or otherwise has been misaligned and just needs to be realigned.

In use

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The pointing at a HughesNet broadband Internet satellite dish is a two part process. The first part consists of locating and maximizing the signal from the satellite. The second part consists of maximizing your cross polarization of the dish.

Tools needed

  • A half inch wrench
  • A compass
  • An OPI
  • A computer
  • A HughesNet modem
  • A pen and paper
  • A level


Part one Locating and Maximizing the Satellite Signal.

  • Using the level make sure that your mast is perfectly plumb. If your mast is not level it will be very difficult if not impossible to find the satellite signal.
  • Connect the OPI as shown in figure one
  • Activate the antenna pointing program by typing in the address then click antenna pointing.
  • Make sure the enable OPI check box is checked click next
  • On a piece of paper record the azimuth, skew, and tilt settings listed.
  • Click the "show signal strength button" a popup window will appear displaying your current signal strength.

  • Go out to the dish set the elevation on the dish to the angle given on the piece of paper.
  • Using your compass roughly point the dish in the direction given. For help with this see the tutorial "how to use a compass"

Azimuth Adjustment

  • Slowly sweep the dish from side to side while watching for the signal on your opi to go higher than 30.
  • If you cannot get your signal above 30 then adjust your elevation up or down by 1°. Then repeat these side to side sweeping and elevation adjustment until a signal higher than 30 is reached.
  • If your signal goes to 30 and stays at 30 many may be locked onto the wrong satellite. If this is the case then recheck your compass heading, and start over.

Elevation Adjustment

Troubleshooting tips

  • My OPI only blinks 8L8 or 8H8 at me.
  • My OPI will not go higher than 30
  • I don’t have an OPI can I still point my dish?