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Templates are used within articles to provide a consistent look to the messages placed into them. Changes to the look, wording, or style of the message can be implemented quickly, because templates are rendered for the reader when the article loads. Spaces in the name are allowed, e.g. {{train topics}}.

Templates in the article namespace exist only to help readers. These can include navigation aids, or warnings that content is sub-standard. Templates that provide information only of service to editors belong on an article's talk page.

Module-related namespace


  • footnote
  • spoiler warning
  • boxes: proof, example, warning, side note
  • other


  • attention
  • cleanup
    • Tutorial not linked
  • unreferenced
  • merge
  • accuracy dispute


  • in use
  • to do
  • request for expansion
  • previous edit history
  • stub
  • development stage


  • generic navigation
    • "Navigate"
  • page navigation
    • A-Z contents
    • category navigation
  • shortcuts
  • "nav", "hc-navhead", "prognav"

Image namespace

  • licensing
    • public domain
    • GFDL
    • Creative Commons
    • fair use
  • now Commons
  • no license


  • speedy deletion
  • vote for deletion
    • VFD survived
  • copyright violation
  • impending doom

Application Specific

  • Photoshop
  • Flash


Non article-related namespace

User namespace

  • user page
  • multi-licensing
  • babel
  • known languages
  • skills

User talk

  • add license to image
  • copyrighted content
  • spam
  • test
  • welcome

Help namespace

  • templates in the help namespace

Project namespace

  • templates in the "Wikibooks:" project namespace