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About OpenTutorial

Task Oriented

OpenTutorial is a task oriented website, a place where you come to learn "how to" accomplish a specific task.

Example: How to Brush your teeth

Open tutorial is NOT a place where you come to learn about something Wikipedia is an excellent website for that purpose.

Example: Teeth brushing

Open Repository

OpenTutorial is an Open Repository meaning that anyone can post a tutorial here and anyone else may edit it. Resulting in a vast repository of peer reviewed tutorials.


OpenTutorial is Quasi-neutral in that It is not possible to be completely neutral nor is true neutrality important.

Political opinions do not belong on OpenTutorial. Religious opinions do not belong on OpenTutorial.

Opinions about products and / or processes are acceptable as long as they are civil. Opinions must be identified with qualifiers like "in my opinion", "I believe", "IMO", "IMHO", etc.


"In my opinion, I believe that the Firefox browser is superior to Internet Explorer"
"I believe the that you should always wear a helmet when riding a Motorcycle"
"Internet explorer is the suckiest browser to have ever sucked!" - reason: not civil
"The Firefox browser is superior to Internet Explorer" - reason: not qualified

G rated

Don't write anything on OpenTutorial that you wouldn't want a child to see.

Be careful when writing tutorials on adult topics. There is as of yet no way to mark adult content or block it from young or sensitive viewers.

I am not a fan of this and I would like to find a better way. So when writing the tutorial "How to Make love to a woman", try to be a clinical as possible.

Hopefully MediaWiki will implement some sort of security feature for adult oriented articles, when such a thing happens then I will relax these restrictions.

Pornography / Nudity

At this time Pornography is prohibited on OpenTutorial.

No photographic nudity is allowed on OpenTutorial. If you really need to show an image of genitalia then use a line art drawing instead.

Non Commercial

Articles like How to get rich or How to make money or articles that are blatant advertisements designed try to steer users to other sites for commercial purposes do not belong on OpenTutorial. These types of articles will be considered spam and will be deleted and the poster will be banned. OpenTutorial is for specific tasks only.

Now if you have a product to sell and you want to place a tutorial here on how to use the product then you may do so as long as:

  • The tutorial is complete and truly useful
  • You put a link to OpenTutorial on your website in a prominent location
  • It passes my User:Hapa sniff test

The only commercial activity allowed on OpenTutorial is those where OpenTutorial is the direct beneficiary. All commercial activity must be initiated by, or sanction in writing by user:Hapa

Note: This non commercial policy is being re thought and may change


Violations of these policies may result in banning at at any time and without notice at user:Hapa's discretion

This is not a free for all site so please respect these boundaries.


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