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About OpenTutorial

Task Oriented

OpenTutorial is a task oriented website, a place where you come to learn "how to" accomplish a specific task.

Example: How to Brush your teeth

Open tutorial is NOT a place where you come to learn about something Wikipedia is an excellent website for that purpose.

Example: Teeth brushing

Open Repository

OpenTutorial is an Open Repository meaning that anyone can post a tutorial here and anyone else may edit it. Resulting in a vast repository of peer reviewed tutorials.


OpenTutorial is neutral in all ways. Opinions do not belong here. There are plenty of blog sites for opinion expression.

Non Commercial

Articles like How to get rich or How to make money or articles that try to steer users to other sites for commercial purposes do not belong on OpenTutorial. These types of articles will be considered spam and will be deleted and the poster will be bannened. OpenTutorial is for specific tasks only.

The only commercial activity allowed on OpenTutorial are those where OpenTutorial is the direct beneficiary. All commercial activity must be initiated by, or sanction in writing by user:Hapa


Violations of these policies may result in banning at at any time and without notice at user:Hapa's discretion


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