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Here is a quick and simple method for making lightning using the freeware Paint.NET program

Creating Lightning Using Paint.NET

  • Create a new image 800 x 600 at 72 dpi

Create New Image

  • Using the marque selection tool select the left half of the image
  • Press the D key to set the foreground and background colors to black and white
  • Fill the selection with black by pressing the backspace key

Fill half with black

  • Deselect all by pressing CTRL+D
  • Apply Gausuan Blur Apply by menu/Effects/Blurs/Gausian Blur...

Apply Gausuan Blur

  • Set the raduis of the blur to about 75

Set radius to about 75

  • Apply Clouds filter by menu/Effects/Render/Clouds...


  • In the Clouds dialog box set the following
    • Scale to about 276
    • Roughness to about .46
    • Blend Mode to Negation

Apply Clouds

  • Adjust levels to remove extraneus clouds

Adjust Levels

  • Apply Sepia Filter by menu/Adjustments/Sepia


  • Using Hue/Saturation to colorize the lightning
    • Set the Hue to about -125
    • Saturation to 200
    • and Lightness to 0


The final Image



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