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== Recent Tutorials ==
== Recent Tutorials ==
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OpenTutorial is a place where you can find Tutorials about everything by anyone, a huge "How to" repository, an Open Source, Wiki tutorial site in the style of Wikipedia

Upgrading the Wiki

I am currently upgrading the wiki and applying all my hacks, so the wiki may not function properly. Please bear with me as I undergo this task. --Hapa 20:29, 14 June 2007 (MST)

Welcome to OpenTutorial

To learn how you can participate read our shiny brand new FAQ (Frequently asked Questions) and see our Rules for posting to OpenTutorial

Already an expert? then just type the name of the tutorial page you want to post in the box and click the "Create Tutorial" button.

Request a Tutorial

If you cannot find what you're looking for then post a request on the OpenTutorial Wanted Page

Recent Tutorials


Search and Browse

All bookshelves – All Tutorials – By Category

Contributing & Community

Community Portal – Welcome, newcomers – FAQ – Useful Templates


Networking – Programming – Software

Animals and Pets

Pets – Animal Farming

Arts and Crafts

Literature – Painting – Music

Home and Garden

Gardening – Landscaping – Household



Mechanics and Technology

Automobile – Satellite Dish

Business and Finance

Finance – Business


Hygiene – Nutrition – Mental health


Science Projects – Jr. Arts & Crafts

Outdoor life

Outdoor cooking – Outdoor survival

What Can I Do To Help?

What a great question! After all OpenTutorial is a Community based site and there's plenty of opportunity for anyone to contribute to this fine and noble project.

First of all you should Be bold in updating pages! Don't be shy go ahead and edit 'till you need a good nights rest, then wake up and do it again :)

Here's a list of things you can do to help

Click Here to add to this list of OpenTutorial related, "To do" items that need attention from the OpenTutorial Community

This Wiki Started March 14, 2006