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Posting Rules for OpenTutorial

Page Naming

Capitalization Do not capitalize any letter other than the 1st letter of a page name.
[[How to Brush your Teeth]] does not equal [[How to brush your teeth]]
I don't like this but there's no other acceptable option as of yet

Name the page with the assumption of "How to" in front of the title do NOT use the phrase "How to" in the title

   "Change a tire" is GOOD
"How to change a tire" is BAD
"Tire changing" is BAD

Page Structure

On the very first line repeat the page title in a level 2 heading with the words "How to" in front, and/or an expanded description.

   == How to Change a Tire == is GOOD
== How to Change an Automobile Tire == is GOOD
== Change a Tire == is BAD
This is for search engine optimization reasons.

Place Category links at the very bottom of the article.
Spend a little time to find the proper Category to put the article in See Special:Categories
If a proper category doesn't exist then make one, try to be organized about it.

Glossary Section

At the bottom of your page just above the category links create a Glossary section in a level two heading.

It can be very distracting to read an article with a ton of links in the main text. That's why OpenTutorial has a policy of keeping excessive article links to a minimum by the use of a glossary, see Change a Tire for an example.

More to come... ...

BTW spam will not be tolerated, being the Hawaiian I am I like to eat Spam but that's it. Spamming will result in banning. Please do not spam.

--Hapa 15:54, 17 March 2006 (MST)