Copy the filenames of a directory to a text file

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This tutorial explains How to Copy the Filenames of a Directory to a Text Tile This can be useful if you are trying to create a catalog of files that you have. If you want to share with others via email or html the contents of a particular directory. This tutorial explains how to do this under a variety of operating systems from Microsoft to Macintosh to Linux.

This tutorial will create a text file containing the filenames of all the files in a directory.

Microsoft Operating Systems

Get to a Command Prompt

For Windows 9x and ME above - goto start/run and type command into the box and hit enter

For windows 200, NT, XP - goto start/run and type cmd into the box and hit enter

Windows 3x - I don't remember but there should be an icon somewhere in Program Manager labeled "MSDOS Command Prompt" or something similar

DOS - That's just silly, you're already there.

Type the Command

Make the directory with the files you want the current directory.

Use the Following Command

dir /b > dir.txt

This will perform the dir command with the bare formatting switch. Creates a file named "dir.txt" and puts the output of the dir command into it.

Note: This example will also include the dir.txt file in the list. If this if not acceptable then change the path for dir.txt in the command


dir /b > c:\dir.txt

More info

For more information about the dir command type the following into your command window

dir /?

Macintosh Operating Systems

Linux (*nix) Operating Systems

From a terminal

ls -1 > dir.txt


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