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The main purpose of this tutorial is to demonstrate how I create the screen capture images I use in my tutorials.

How to Capture Screen Images

Software Needed

  • A Microsoft windows operating system post win 3.x (9x, ME, 2k, XP)
  • Photoshop or your favorite image editor that has the ability to crop an image
    • I will be using Photoshop for this tutorial

Steps involved

  • Get the image on your screen that you want to capture and press the "Print Screen" button on your keyboard
  • Open Photoshop and from the menu select file/new...
  • Accept the defaults by clicking OK
  • From the menu select Edit/paste
  • Use the crop tool to crop the desired area see Fig 1.
    fig. 1 Crop Captured Screen Image
  • From the menu select File/Save for Web
  • Select the most efficient method of saving keep in mind the size of the image. I will often use gif with as few colors as possible.
  • name your image something that make sense and is not too ambiguous

There you have it, it's pretty simple

Finished Captured Screen Image


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