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How to burn an audio CD using Ahead Nero version 5.x

Software Needed

  • Ahead Software's Nero Burning ROM

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Create an Audio CD Compilation

  • Click File/New...
  • In the "New Compilation" dialog window click "Audio CD"
  • Accept the defaults and click the "New button"

Find the Files You Want to Burn

  • In the "File Browser" window explore your computer to find the audio files that you want to burn.
  • If you cannot see the "File Browser" then click "View/New File Browser"
  • Once you have found your audio files then drag them to the "Audio" window
  • You may change the order of the files to be burned by clicking the file and dragging it to a new position in the list.

Burn the CD

  • Click the burning CD icon in the tool bar or click "File/Write CD..."
  • Here you may change some of the burn settings, for this tutorial select the following:
    • Check "Write"
    • Check "Finalize CD (No further writing possible!)"
    • Write Speed (What ever the fastest speed your CDRW is capable of)
  • To begin the burning process click the "Write" button
  • If there is no blank CD in your CDRW then Nero will ask you to insert one.
  • Wait, Burning a CD takes time so go make a nice sandwich while Nero does it's magic.

Wrapping it all up

  • When Nero is finished it will result in a box saying "Burn Process completed succeffully"
  • Click "OK" to dismiss this dialog, then click "Discard" to discard the burning messages
  • Close the Audio window. Nero will prompt you to save your changes, If you want to burn this CD later then save the changes otherwise Click "No"

That's it you have successfully burned an Audio CD using Nero Burning ROM

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