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Math or Math?

It's not germane to the topic but I can't pass on until I mention a certain difficulty with Math or Bike? I suppose it is only of concern to me because I take math so seriously.

While Chinese students and teachers completely accept the notion of being taught arithmetic in choral drill, I don't. For me, learning to do math is more like learning to ride a bike than it is like this.

The war over reform math vs traditional math is far beyond the scope of this tutorial, of course; but I fear that the demonstration may appear to put me in the camp of the traditionalists. For the record, I feel both sides in this conflict have their failings. I believe that effective math education takes part both of drill and investigation.

That said, the demonstration is wonderfully effective in bringing about a revolution in pedagogical understanding. Bear 18:25, 19 January 2008 (MST)