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My Plan for this series

I hope to have a tutorial made for each of the episodes of Bert Monroy's PixelPerfect. This is a very large task, one that I will need plenty of help for so please feel free to add to these tutorials in any way you can.

I want to make a Generalized section containing all the keyboard shortcuts and pics of dialog boxes and have those referenced instead of making a screen shot for each individual dialog box. This will save the authors plenty of time and save on online storage space.

Each of these tutorials in this series should have an expectation of the user having a general familiarity with Photoshop and how to get around in it. There should also be made a series of tutorials named:


I also want to create an infobox template for this series and have it present on each of the tutorials.

Please help in any way you can,

Thanks --Hapa 16:38, 1 July 2007 (MST)