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How to Set an Internet Bookmark or favorites.

Internet Explorer Favorites

In internet Explorer they are called favorites.

To set a favorite press ctrl-d and a favorite will be automatically set.


  • On the main menu click Favorites/Add to Favorites...
  • Organize the favorite as you see fit and press "Ok"

Firefox Bookmarks

To set a bookmark press ctrl-d and a window entitled "Add a Bookmark" will appear, click "Ok"


  • On the main menu click Bookmarks/Bookmark This Page...
  • Organize the Bookmarm as you see fit and press "Ok"

Live Bookmarks

Firefox has a built in rss reader called a live bookmark.

To set a live bookmark:

fig. 1 Firefox - Properties for New Live Bookmark window
  • On the main menu click Bookmarks/Manage Bookmarks... A window entitled "Bookmarks Manager" will appear.
  • On the main menu click File/New Live Bookmark... A window entitled "Properties for New Live Bookmark" will appear.
  • In the Name: textbox type the name you would like to call your bookmark
  • In the Feed Location: text box enter the url for the RSS feed example: ""
  • In the Description: text box enter a suitable description for the feed then click OK (See fig 1.)