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Here I will lay out my Ultimate Vision for OpenTutorial - Tutorials about anything by anyone. These are the goals, aspirations and dreams that are to come true to make OpenTutorial the best How to site on the net.

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What is the Ultimate Vision of OpenTutorial?

  • To be the largest repository of the highest quality tutorials in the world
  • To be a household name and the first place searched for tutorials
  • To create and maintain a large happy community of "how to" authors and contributors
  • To practice Constant Never-ending Improvement
  • To contribute back to the real-world community through charity and tutoring.

What is the Ultimate Purpose of OpenTutorial? (Why?)

  • So that people can find clear and concise information about how to do anything
  • So that when someone has a "how to" dilemma OpenTutorial can come to their rescue
  • This will ensure that the quality of tutorials are continually improved upon, editors and authors will remain focused on their works and an overall sense of happy community will develop.
  • Everything can be improved upon, do it every day, every minute and in every aspect of OpenTutorial and your life.
  • You reap what you sow, OpenTutorial is committed to helping our real-world communities grow and prosper through charitable donations and tutoring of other to help raise their quality of life.

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