Burn a CD using windows media player

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A tutorial showing How to Burn a CD Using Windows Media Player Burn an MP3-WMA CD, an Audio CD using versions 10 and 9

Using Media Player 10

Burning an Audio CD

Flash Version of this Tutorial

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Populate the Burn List

Method 1: Using the Library

  • Select from the menu View/Go To/Library

This brings up the library

  • Click the "Now Playing List" and select "Burn List" see fig. 1
fig. 1 Changing to the Burn List
  • Find your music in the library and drag the songs to the "Burn List" on the right.
  • When you are finished populating the burn list Select from the menu View/Go To/Burn

This brings up the burn section of Media Player

  • Insert a blank CD into your CD Burner (dismiss any autoplay windows that may pop up see how to disable windows autoplay) if you wish.
  • Click the "Start Burn" button, see fig 2.
fig. 2 Start Burn Button
  • That's pretty much it, depending on how fast your burner is and how many minutes your cd will be, it can take a few minutes or a half an hour.

Burning an MP3 CD

Icon mp3.gif

Using Media Player 9

I don't have Media Player 9 installed on any machine so I cannot write this section