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* [[Capture screen images]]
* [[Capture screen images]]
* [[Create neon sign text using photoshop cs]]
* [[Create neon sign text using photoshop cs]]
* [[Make 3d images]] '''Anaglyphs'''
== Misc ==
== Misc ==

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Computer Software

PHOTOSHOP - Create a brushed metal texture using Photoshop CS - Capture screen images - Create neon sign text using photoshop cs - Make 3d images - Make lightning using photoshop - Make ice text in photoshop - Make fire text using photoshop - Insert an image into text using photoshop MEDIA PLAYER - Burn a CD using windows media player - Capture screen images MEDIAWIKI - Create adsense ads for mediawiki - Create paypal buttons for mediawiki - Hack mediawiki isbn for affiliates - Rip a karaoke cd NERO - Burn an audio cd using nero Operating Systems - Copy the filenames of a directory to a text file - Disable windows autoplay - Uninstall windows media player 11 - Disable hibernation in windows xp PAINT.NET - Make lightning using Paint dot NET

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