The Doggcatcher podcast downloader has the ability to use a directory on your Android device as a socalled "Virtual Feed". Any audio file that you place into the folder will show up in Doggcatcher for you to listen to.

I find this extremely handy when listening to audiobooks. A typical scenario would be that you have downloaded your favorite audiobook to your home PC. Then you connect your Android device via a USB cable. Navigate to your Virtual Feed directory and drop the audio file(s) into the directory. Disconnect, fire up Doggcatcher, open the feed then listen to the audiobook.

This works great but it is kind of a PITA and you must have a USB cable handy.

The Bittorrent Sync Method.

Bittorrent Sync (BTSync) uses Bittorrent technology to allow you to syncronize files in a folder with folders residing on another computer or many other computers, very much like Dropbox except that there is no third party company involved. For a more in depth explanation of how BTSync works visit

If you make a BTSync folder on your home PC called Audiobook and a BTSync folder on your Android device then all you need to do is drop your audiobook file into the BTSync folder on your PC and it will automatically transfer to the BTSync folder on your Android device.
It's that easy, no wires no PITA.

How to setup BTSync on Android and your PC.

Recently The best Podcast in The Universe started distributing their shows via Bittorrent Sync.

  • Download and install the BTSync application for your PC
  • Download and install the BTSync app from the Google Play Store.
  • Create a folder on your PC that you want to sync.
  • Open the BTSync application on your PC, make sure the "Folders" tab is selected.
  • Click the "Add Sync Folder" button


  • Click the "Generate" button to generate your Secret Key.
  • Click the browse button and navigate to the folder you created that you want to sync.
  • Now right click in the BTSync application on your PC right click the sync folder you just created and select "Connect mobile device"
  • Leave the QR code on the screen for now.
  • Open the BTSync app on your Android device.
  • Click the folder icon at the top right of the screen.
  • From here the instructions on the screen should be pretty self explanitory but I'll go through them anyways.
  • Click the Choose folder button and navigate to where you would like to have your audio files reside.
  • Then scan the QR code that is on your PC screen, If for some reason your device won't scan the code then there's an option for manualy entering it in.
  • Click the Automatic sync button, then click done.

That's all you need to do to setup the BTsync on your PC.

How to Create a Virtual Feed in Doggcatcher